Hydrogen Mobility

ALSET GLOBAL offers products and engineering services for the energy and transportation market that is using hydrogen as a fuel.

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“When automakers (like Aston Martin) start experimenting
with hydrogen power, it suggests the industry has reached
a tipping point.” – Forbes
“If you needed more proof that endurance racing, and not Formula One, is where the real innovation lies, check this out: Aston Martin will field the first hydrogen-powered race car to compete in the
24 Hours of Nürburgring.” – Wired Magazine
“British, racing, and green: James Bond would approve of this
zero emission Aston Martin.” – Daily News
Who we are

Who we are

ALSET GLOBAL is a technology
and engineering company
working on clean mobility
solutions based on hydrogen.

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On Hydrogen

On Hydrogen

A Hydrogen Hybrid will drastically reduce CO2-Emission in the transportation sector with no restrictions in driving range.

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