Who we are

ALSET GLOBAL is a technology and engineering company that develops and produces clean mobility solutions based on hydrogen for the automotive industry.

About us

Mobility represents the cornerstone of human evolution, and Mobility requires power.


The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) has been developed and refined over the last 100 years to become the core competence of the Auto Industry and the platform for carbon-based fuels to power mobility.


We believe the world economy is now shifting from carbon-based fuels to renewable energy and hydrogen is the perfect way to power the new clean mobility market since it is the most practical way to store these renewable energies, it is endless, clean, regenerative and because it can be use in the same existing platform (the ICE) and dispensed through the same fuel distribution network.

What we do

ALSET GLOBAL offers products and engineering services for the energy and transportation markets that are using or will use hydrogen as a fuel. Our solutions are designed to be profitable for all stakeholders in the value chain.

We facilitate the transition to hydrogen mobility by offering technologies that enable every person to incorporate hydrogen fuel into his or her daily mobility in a safe and economical way, while contributing to a cleaner environment.

How we do it

We incorporate our comprehensive expertise and know-how in hydrogen combustion, hydrogen storage and hydrogen safety systems, and link them with proprietary control technologies to offer an integral hydrogen solution for the mobility and energy sectors.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop the safest and most efficient systems on which to base the establishment of a clean and sustainable energy infrastructure based on hydrogen.

We are investigating the essence of energy to restore harmony and ecological balance to our planet.


Contact us

Alset GmbH
Liebenauer Tangente 6
8041 Graz, Austria
T: +43 316 462100 / F: +43 316 462100 10
info@alsetglobal.com / www.alsetglobal.com