Our Solutions

Our objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for clean transportation.

ALSET GLOBAL’s Solutions

Our objective is to provide with the most practical, affordable and easy to implement solution for the transportation sector to reduce carbon emissions.


Alset technology allows achieving maximum customer satisfaction by providing state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for environmentally friendly transportation.



Our Company is dedicated to creating, developing and providing cost-effective, generic technologies
for a safe and efficient deployment of clean hydrogen mobility.


Our Hybrid Hydrogen System

Our Hybrid Hydrogen System is a transformative technology for producing clean mobility based on hydrogen.

The Hybrid Hydrogen System enables today’s sophisticated internal combustion engines to operate using hydrogen, gasoline or a customized blend of hydrogen and gasoline/diesel fuel.


Our patented technology uses a combination of liquid fuel with high volumetric energy density and a carbon-free gaseous fuel to produce clean, dynamic power production with no major effects on refueling time and driving range.


Why a Hybrid Hydrogen System?

Because we offer clean mobility, high performance and unchanged user experience
at the same time.



The system is designed as a cross-platform solution that requires only minor changes to the base engine and production lines. Its low cost basis makes it the most profitable hydrogen mobility solution available today for a wide range of engines and configurations.

For end users, it has a clear advantage in total cost of ownership compared with the projected price point for Fuel Cell Vehicles for coming decades.


As we often say: “It’s not difficult to make an Internal Combustion Engine run on hydrogen. Making it run perfectly is. We’re ALSET GLOBAL and that’s what we do.”



ALSET GLOBAL offers integral hydrogen solutions for premium and performance vehicle manufacturers.

A prototype vehicle carrying our Hydrogen Hybrid technology will perform on a fully functional basis, providing solid logistics for effective series development.

We invite you to have the Alset Hydrogen Hybrid experience by testing our technology in one of the cars in your lineup!


Our engineering services


To expedite product intergration, ALSET GLOBAL offers:

  • Hydrogen Hybrid System and component specification
  • Full Technology Adaptation
  • Specific adaption of Alset Engine Operating Software (AEOS)
  • Engine calibration
  • Configuration of hydrogen storage system
  • Configuration and development of Hydrogen Hybrid safety system
With our worldwide network of partners
we offer:

  • Complete Vehicle Integration
  • Vehicle approval and certification
  • Engineering evaluation for Series Development
  • Hydrogen Infrastructure deployment evaluation


Industrial Applications

Aston_Board01_View02_TurboYes_TankCyl_Update300Particularly over the past ten years, political pressure has been growing to require the energy industry to respond to worldwide concerns about climate change and environmental stewardship in general.


At ALSET GLOBAL, we are at the forefront in conceiving and creating solutions to these urgent environmental concerns by devoting our resources to generating the building blocks that will create a new energy economy.


Our team brings to the table unparalleled expertise in hydrogen combustion, hydrogen storage and hydrogen safety systems. This expertise also pertains to a wide range of Industrial applications in which the need to phase out fossil fuels is a common denominator.



ALSET GLOBAL offers the following engineering services:

  • Non-automotive Hydrogen Combustion applications.
  • Hydrogen Safety systems
  • Hydrogen Production and Distribution evaluation
  • Emissions and regulations evaluation.


We are ready to consult with you regarding the requirements of your project or required application.
Please contact us to see how our technology can work for you.


Business Model and Business Case

ALSET GLOBAL has three main business units:


Engineering Services: Alset provides technical adaption for demonstration fleets and special series to OEMs, fleet operators and governments, using the company’s unique expertise in hydrogen mobility and proven track record for the Passenger cars, urban transportation and fleet operation markets.


Technology Licensing: Alset licenses its technology for automotive series production.


Hydrogen Infrastructure Consulting: Alset develops and advises on hydrogen infrastructure and public transportation solutions.


As a solid business case, ALSET GLOBAL has established strategic alliances with global auto industry players and technology companies to provide the best technological solutions for its customers. Through interdisciplinary research programs the company covers technology developments oriented to meet the needs of both its customers and society at large, linking research, engineering, manufacturing, promotion and assembly capabilities. The corporate aim is to bring integral solutions and high quality products to markets worldwide.


Our solutions present clear advantages compared to alternative powertrain solutions where we can obtain considerable emission reductions at a low cost. At the same time we offer high performance keeping the driving range and drivability. These series of benefits can accelerate the introduction of clean mobility powertrains in large scale while generating profit to the whole value chain.


The investment required to implement our solutions, is minimal compared to other green technologies, as there are no expensive elements in the adaptation kits.


In those places where there are cost advantages in the cost of Hydrogen, the impact of incorporating our technology is considerable. Projections show that oil prices will continue to rise and cost of green Hydrogen will continue to drop, creating a very positive and profitable present and future for Hydrogen Mobility.